Ducati Multistrada V4: The Ultimate Adventure Machine

2024 Ducati Multistrada V4

Launched with much pomp in 2021, the Multistrada V4 took the bold essence of the Multistrada lineage and injected it with an adrenaline shot of cutting-edge technology, power, and versatility. This beast is Ducati's testament to the thrill-seekers and horizon-chasers, offering an unrivalled blend of performance and comfort over any terrain that Mother Nature dares to throw under its wheels.

Where the Ducati Multistrada V2 plays the role of the approachable, versatile adventurer, the V4 is its wilder, beefier cousin, ready to tackle the untamed and the unknown with brute force and finesse. The V4 is Ducati's bold statement of intent: to dominate the world of adventure motorcycling by offering an unparalleled mix of power, technology, and versatility. Gear up, folks; this ride is about to get wild.

The Engine That Powers Ducati Multistrada V4

Ducati Multistrada V4 engine

The Ducati Multistrada V4's beating heart is the V4 Granturismo engine, a testament to Ducati's enduring legacy of melding sportiness with unprecedented levels of usability and reliability. This engine, a lighter and more compact evolution of the Desmosedici Stradale and a significant departure from the Testastretta DVT, showcases the pinnacle of meticulous design and development efforts. With a displacement of 1,158 cc and an output of 170 hp, the V4 Granturismo engine promises a ride that's both exhilarating at high speeds and remarkably smooth at lower revs.

Ducati's focus on longevity is exemplified by the V4 Granturismo's spring-loaded timing system, which pushes the boundaries of maintenance intervals to an industry-leading 36,000 miles. This achievement not only emphasizes Ducati's commitment to durability but also sets a new benchmark for motorcycle engineering worldwide. Coupled with a design that enhances the chassis' efficiency through an increased bore and optimized center of gravity, the engine ensures the Multistrada V4 excels in usability and rideability across all conditions.

Furthermore, the V4 Granturismo incorporates groundbreaking technologies like the Twin Pulse firing order, counter-rotating crankshaft from MotoGP to improve handling and agility, and a dedicated gearing system with a versatile range. These innovations, along with measures to improve thermal comfort and reduce noise, affirm the engine's status as not just a marvel of engineering but also a harbinger of Ducati's future in motorcycling, marrying the thrill of sport with the joy of travel in an unmistakably Ducati manner.

Design and Aesthetics

Ducati Multistrada V4 design

The Ducati Multistrada V4 embodies a design philosophy that seamlessly integrates aesthetics, ergonomics, and aerodynamics, captivating onlookers with its fluid lines, lightness, and compact form, all underscored by Ducati's distinctive character. The bike's front end, marked by its characteristic Daytime Running Light (DRL), projects a bold readiness to tackle any challenge, while its overall surface and design elements such as the integrated turn signals, double-sided swingarm, and rear trellis frame meld strength with visual appeal without appearing bulky.

Attention to detail is paramount in the Multistrada V4, where every aspect is tailored for style and practicality. The motorcycle's tank and sides are the product of extensive ergonomic study, ensuring comfort and control in various riding conditions, including off-road. The design facilitates easy ground reach and freedom of movement, thanks to a strategically narrowed seat and enhanced ground clearance, making it adaptable for riders of varying heights and for maneuvering when standing.

Innovations drawn from Ducati Corse's aerodynamic research are evident in the Multistrada V4's design, aimed at optimizing rider comfort through effective aerodynamic management. This includes a sophisticated system of air deflectors and internal bypasses to minimize direct wind impact and divert hot air away from the rider, alongside carefully positioned radiators and deflectors to improve air flow and thermal comfort. These features, combined with efforts to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), encapsulate the rider in a remarkably quiet and vibration-free environment, enhancing the overall riding experience, especially on long journeys.

2024 Ducati Multistrada V4

Advanced Technology Features

The Ducati Multistrada V4 is a showcase of Ducati's commitment to pushing the boundaries of motorcycle technology, offering riders a synthesis of safety, performance, and convenience that is both intuitive and adaptable to any rider's needs. This model stands as a testament to the Multistrada family's legacy of incorporating cutting-edge electronic solutions, setting new standards for a riding experience that effortlessly blends ease of use with advanced performance capabilities.

Ducati Multistrada V4 design

Central to the Multistrada V4's technological prowess is its 6.5” TFT instrument panel, inspired by aeronautical designs and adjustable to accommodate riders of varying heights. This high-resolution display not only offers exceptional visibility under any light conditions but also introduces a new, user-friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Redesigned to be more pleasing and flexible, the interface supports six languages and integrates all essential travel information, including a dynamic navigation map. It's the first of its kind to employ optical bonding technology, enhancing visibility and allowing for a graphic dark mode even during daylight hours.

Connectivity on the Multistrada V4 reaches new heights with the Ducati Connect system, which supports both iOS and Android devices. This system enables smartphone mirroring on the dashboard, allowing riders to access contacts, music libraries, and full-map navigation directly from the TFT display. Control over the Ducati Connect functions is facilitated by a backlit joystick on the left handlebar, ensuring that all features are at the rider's fingertips without the need to physically handle the smartphone.

Ducati Multistrada V4 design

In a leap towards futuristic riding assistance, the Multistrada V4 debuts as the world's first motorcycle equipped with both front and rear radars. This groundbreaking technology, a collaboration between Ducati, Politecnico di Milano, and Bosch, introduces Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and blind spot detection. The ACC, utilizing front radar, automatically adjusts the bike's speed to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, enhancing comfort over long distances. Meanwhile, the rear radar alerts the rider to vehicles in the blind spot, increasing safety and awareness on the road.

Additionally, the Multistrada V4 is equipped with the Ducati Safety Pack, which includes a state-of-the-art Brembo braking system with Bosch ABS and a cornering function that adapts to the bike's lean angle, ensuring optimal braking power and stability. The Ducati Traction Control (DTC) system further underscores the bike's commitment to rider safety by modulating traction control to prevent wheel slip. Together, these features mark the Multistrada V4 not just as a marvel of engineering but as a beacon of innovation in motorcycle technology.

2024 Ducati Multistrada V4

Customize Your Dream Ride: Tailor-Made Ducati Multistrada V4 Configurations

For the first time, Ducati offers a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to tailor-make their Multistrada V4 directly from the factory, presenting a groundbreaking approach to motorcycle customization. Riders now have the luxury of choosing from five predefined equipment setups—Essential, Radar, Travel & Radar, and Full—each designed to enhance the Multistrada V4 with the safety and quality synonymous with Ducati's original components. These setups range from the bare essentials to fully equipped configurations, including options for alloy or spoked rims and a variety of factory-fitted equipment, ensuring that every journey, regardless of distance or terrain, is met with optimal technology, performance, and comfort.

The "Essential" trim offers the indispensable elements for enjoying the Multistrada V4's capabilities on any road and in any condition, laying the foundation for an exceptional riding experience. For those prioritizing safety and convenience, the "Radar" setup incorporates front and rear radar systems enabling Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection, marking a significant leap in journey comfort and rider safety. The "Travel & Radar" package combines the radar system with additional features such as rigid side panniers, a central stand, and heated grips and seats, making it the ideal choice for long-distance enthusiasts seeking adventure without compromise.

The "Full" setup represents the pinnacle of Multistrada V4 customization, offering all the optional extras for riders who demand everything Ducati can offer, from advanced technology to unparalleled comfort. Beyond these factory-configured trims, Ducati continues to provide traditional customization opportunities through aftermarket accessory packages. These include the Touring Pack for enhanced comfort on long journeys, the Urban Pack for increased load capacity and technological convenience in city escapes, the Performance Pack to accentuate the Ducati sound and aggressive aesthetic, the Enduro Pack for superior vehicle protection and off-road functionality, and the Functionality Pack, exclusive to the standard V4, adding advanced features like Ducati Quick Shift, Vehicle Hold Control, and Cruise Control. This comprehensive approach to customization ensures that every rider can configure their dream Multistrada V4, making each motorcycle as unique as the journeys it will undertake.

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2024 Ducati Multistrada V4

Main Features, Spec and Considerations

Specs - Main Features
ENGINE V4 Granturismo, V4 - 90°, 4 valves per cylinder, counter-rotating crankshaft, Twin Pulse firing order, liquid-cooled
DISPLACEMENT 1,158 cc (71 cu in)
BORE X STROKE 83 mm x 53.5 mm
POWER 170 hp (125 kW) @ 10,500 rpm
TORQUE 12.7 kgm (125 Nm, 92 lb ft) @ 8,750 rpm
FUEL INJECTION Electronic fuel injection system, Øeq 46 mm elliptical throttle bodies with Ride-by-Wire system
EXHAUST Stainless steel muffler, double catalytic converter and 4 lambda probes
GEARBOX 6 speed
PRIMARY DRIVE Straight cut gears, ratio 1.8:1
RATIO 1=40/13, 2=36/16, 3=34/19, 4=31/21, 5=29/23, 6=27/25
FINAL DRIVE Chain, front sprocket z16, rear sprocket z42
CLUTCH Multiplate wet clutch with hydraulic control, self-servo action on drive, slipper action on over-run
FRAME Aluminum monocoque frame
FRONT SUSPENSION Ø 50 mm fully adjustable USD fork
FRONT WHEEL Light alloy cast, 3” x 19”
FRONT TYRE Pirelli Scorpion Trail II 120/70 ZR 19
REAR SUSPENSION Fully adjustable monoshock, Remote spring preload adjustment, aluminum double-sided swingarm
REAR WHEEL Light alloy cast, 4.5” x 17”
REAR TYRE Pirelli Scorpion Trail II 170/60 ZR 17
WHEEL TRAVEL (FRONT/REAR) 170 mm / 180 mm (6.7 in / 7.1 in)
FRONT BRAKE 2 x Ø 320 mm semi-floating discs, radially mounted Brembo monobloc 4-piston 2-pad calipers, radial master cylinder, Cornering ABS
REAR BRAKE Ø 265 mm disc, Brembo 2-piston floating caliper, Cornering ABS
DRY WEIGHT 215 kg (474 lb)
KERB WEIGHT 240 kg (529 lb)
SEAT HEIGHT Adjustable, 840 mm - 860 mm (33.1 in - 33.9 in)
WHEELBASE 1,567 mm (61.7 in)
RAKE 24.5°
TRAIL 102.5 mm (4.0 in)
FUEL TANK CAPACITY 22 l (5.8 US gal)
2024 Ducati Multistrada V4

Redefining Adventure: Ducati Multistrada V4 vs. BMW R1250 GS and KTM 1290 Super Adventure

When comparing the Ducati Multistrada V4 to its notable competitors, such as the BMW R1250 GS and the KTM 1290 Super Adventure, the Ducati distinguishes itself through its innovative use of technology, performance characteristics, and unique design ethos. Each of these models caters to the high-end adventure touring segment, yet they offer distinct approaches to what an adventure motorcycle can be, appealing to different rider preferences and priorities.

The BMW R1250 GS, with its legendary boxer engine, is renowned for its smooth power delivery and exceptional reliability. It excels in comfort and has been the benchmark for touring capability for years. The R1250 GS's Telelever front suspension is unique in the segment, providing stability and confidence on varied terrains. However, the Ducati Multistrada V4 pushes the envelope with its V4 Granturismo engine, which offers a higher output of 170 hp compared to the BMW's 136 hp, providing a more exhilarating ride. Furthermore, the Multistrada V4's radar-based adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection set a new standard in motorcycle safety features, areas where the BMW, while highly sophisticated, follows a more traditional approach.

On the other hand, the KTM 1290 Super Adventure is a more direct rival in terms of performance, with its powerful V-twin engine that rivals the Ducati for outright horsepower and torque. The KTM is lauded for its off-road prowess, bolstered by a suite of electronic aids tailored for adventure riding. Yet, the Multistrada V4 distinguishes itself with a more road-biased stance, superior aerodynamic design, and a focus on high-speed touring comfort without sacrificing its capability on less traveled paths. The Ducati's technology package, particularly the radar systems, again highlights its edge in incorporating automotive-level safety features, offering riders a blend of performance and protection that KTM is only starting to match.

Design and aesthetics are subjective, yet the Ducati Multistrada V4's Italian styling sets it apart. Its aggressive lines and modern look not only fulfill aesthetic purposes but also enhance aerodynamic efficiency, contributing to its dynamic performance. Both the BMW and KTM have their unique design languages that appeal to their loyal customer bases; however, Ducati's design approach in the Multistrada V4 is geared towards riders seeking a motorcycle that stands out in both form and function.

In conclusion, while the BMW R1250 GS offers unmatched touring comfort and the KTM 1290 Super Adventure excels in off-road agility and power, the Ducati Multistrada V4 emerges as a formidable contender by blending high-speed performance with groundbreaking safety features and a distinctive design. It represents a holistic approach to the adventure touring motorcycle, catering to riders who seek a no-compromise solution that combines the thrill of sport riding with the practicality and safety of long-distance touring.

2024 Ducati Multistrada V4


The Ducati Multistrada V4 stands as a testament to Ducati's commitment to innovation, performance, and design, setting a new standard in the adventure motorcycle category. With its cutting-edge V4 Granturismo engine delivering 170 hp, the Multistrada V4 not only offers exhilarating performance but also introduces industry-first safety features such as front and rear radar systems for adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection. This blend of power and technology is encapsulated in a design that's both aesthetically striking and aerodynamically efficient, ensuring the Multistrada V4 excels in both high-speed touring and challenging off-road conditions. Its unique offerings of customization, from the Essential to the Full setup, allow riders to tailor their experience, making the Multistrada V4 a versatile choice for those seeking the ultimate adventure motorcycle.

When compared to its main rivals, the BMW R1250 GS and the KTM 1290 Super Adventure, the Ducati Multistrada V4 distinguishes itself with a more road-biased stance and a superior technology package that enhances both rider safety and comfort. While the BMW is known for its touring capability and the KTM for its off-road prowess, the Multistrada V4 bridges these worlds with a performance-centric approach, making it ideal for riders looking for a motorcycle that does not compromise on power, safety, or design. Ducati's emphasis on creating a machine that is both thrilling to ride and practical for long distances positions the Multistrada V4 as a compelling choice in the adventure touring segment, offering an unmatched combination of Ducati's racing DNA and touring functionality.

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