2024 KTM 790 Adventure - Review

2024 KTM 790 Adventure

The journey of the KTM 790 Adventure is a fascinating tale of innovation, evolution, and revival. Initially introduced with much fanfare at EICMA 2017 as a prototype and officially launched in 2019, the 790 Adventure quickly made its mark in the mid-range adventure motorcycle segment. Its blend of performance, affordability, and a sweet spot within KTM's lineup catered to a wide array of riders seeking the thrill of both on-road and off-road exploration. Available in two versions, it showcased KTM's commitment to versatility and rider-centric design. However, the motorcycle's production saw a brief hiatus after 2021 when it was succeeded by the 890 Adventure, a move that represented KTM's relentless pursuit of advancement and refinement in its adventure series.

The return of the KTM 790 Adventure in 2024 marks a notable resurgence in KTM's adventure lineup, blending the original model's beloved characteristics with modern enhancements. This revival speaks volumes about the enduring appeal of the 790 Adventure and KTM's responsiveness to rider demands and market trends. By bringing back the 790, KTM not only pays homage to the model's legacy but also reinforces its dedication to offering a diverse range of options to adventure riders. The 790 Adventure's comeback is a testament to its balanced performance, demonstrating that it still has a significant role to play alongside its siblings in KTM's impressive array of dual-sport motorcycles. For enthusiasts and new riders alike, the 790 Adventure's return is a welcome addition, promising the same spirit of adventure with potentially new updates and refinements that align with the latest in motorcycle technology and rider expectations.

2024 KTM 790 Adventure: A Masterclass in Performance, Style, and Innovation

2024 KTM 790 Adventure

The KTM 790 Adventure rolls into 2024 not just ready for the race, but dressed to impress. With a front end that's been given a complete facelift, it sports the kind of "READY TO RACE" aesthetics that make it stand out in any crowd or on any trail. The design isn't just for show; it's built to perform. Thanks to two forged aluminium brackets hidden beneath its sleek fairing, the bike promises unrivalled front-end stiffness. This ingenious setup supports the front mask, windshield, and instrument tower with the kind of rigidity that breeds confidence.

Colour me adventurous! These aren't just any colours; they're brought to life with in-mold technology, ensuring that the bike's rugged good looks are as durable as its adventurous spirit. And it doesn't stop with skin deep. Aerodynamically speaking, the bike borrows a page from the KTM Rally playbook, featuring a taller windscreen that not only looks the part but plays it too by offering improved wind protection and unique anti-buffering design to keep the ride smooth at speed.

KTM 790 Adventure

But what's beauty without brains? The KTM 790 Adventure's upgraded 5" TFT display is keeping riders informed and in control with intuitive graphics and clear, glare-resistant visibility. This cockpit is not just about displaying information; it connects you to the world with optional Bluetooth connectivity for navigation, music, and calls, all while making sure you're just a button-press away from roadside assistance. With its fusion of unmatched technology, including rider aids, ride modes, ABS, traction control, and optional Quickshifter+ and Cruise Control, the KTM 790 Adventure isn't just leading the mid-weight adventure bike pack; it's in a league of its own.

On Road:

The KTM 790 Adventure, with its cutting-edge Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC), feels like it's been sprinkled with a bit of digital magic. Thanks to a 6D Inertial Measurement Unit, this bike knows exactly how to prevent party-pooper slides at the rear and uninvited nose-ups at the front. It's like having an invisible hand ensuring you're always accelerating just right.

Now, dive into a corner with more gusto than you thought possible, because the KTM 790 Adventure's Cornering ABS is akin to having a guardian angel that specializes in physics. With the new 9.3 MP ABS unit working in concert with that clever 6D-sensor, it's like the bike whispers, "I got you," allowing you to brake hard, even mid-lean, without turning your ride into a heart-stopping slide show. This tech marvel continuously scans the bike's dynamics, offering a safety net that makes you feel like a hero, all while ensuring your stops are as precise and graceful as a ballet dancer's finale.

And because all adventurers know that conquering the wild or the open road shouldn't be a pain in the rear, the KTM 790 Adventure comes with a seat designed for the long haul. Whether you're flying solo or carrying a partner in crime, comfort is king. For those bitten by the off-road bug, a Rally seat option stands ready to elevate your dirt-flinging escapades.

Off Road

Venturing off the beaten path is like flipping a switch to "Beast Mode" once you hit the dirt. This clever system knows exactly when to dial back the ABS on the front wheel and to give the rear wheel free rein, allowing you to master the art of the slide as you corner with the finesse of a dirt-biking maestro. It's not just about having more braking power at your fingertips; it's about having the freedom to play in the dirt with confidence.

The 2024 KTM 790 Adventure doesn't stop its off-road wizardry with just ABS tweaks. With a front fork that seems to have graduated with honours in adventure riding, the 43 mm WP APEX open cartridge brings a level of finesse to handling. By smartly splitting compression and rebound damping duties between the fork legs and offering a generous 200 mm of travel, it ensures the bike eats up rough terrain with the appetite of a gourmet. The rear WP APEX shock absorber on the KTM 790 Adventure features adjustable rebound and compression damping, allowing riders to tailor the bike's response to varying terrain.

2024 ktm 790 adventure off road
KTM 790 Adventure
KTM 790 Adventure

The 2024 KTM 790 Adventure is equipped with an engine that's not just about raw power, but smart power. At its heart lies an improved EURO5 790 cc parallel-twin engine that's been tweaked and tuned to outshine its predecessor. The clutch system has undergone a makeover, now featuring enhanced lubrication and new clutch discs for smoother gear shifts that feel as fluid as silk. But the cherry on top? A 20% heavier crankshaft, ensuring smoother power delivery, dampening engine vibrations, maintaining better traction and refined riding experience.

The frame of the KTM 790 Adventure is crafted for light handling and comfort over long, adventurous journeys and it's a blend of strength and sophistication. Using a tubular Chromoly steel frame, with the engine doubling as a stressed member, this bike trims down on weight without skimping on durability. And when the trail gets tough, the newly added engine protector acts like a suit of armour, offering that extra bit of peace of mind.

The subframe is constructed to be lightweight yet robust. Whether it's packing up for a long journey or carrying a companion, the steel trellis subframe is designed to be compact and resilient, ensuring that it can handle the load.

The bike is also equipped with a high-end steering damper, that maintains an unwavering front end. This makes the KTM 790 Adventure stays unflustered whether you're navigating tight turns or blazing over uneven terrain. The steering damper isn't just a component; it's your steadfast ally in maintaining control and composure across all riding conditions.

Main Features, Spec and Considerations

Specs - Main Features
ENGINE 799cc, liquid-cooled, 2-cylinder parallel, DOHC, 4 valves
MAX TORQUE 87Nm / 8.87 kg-m / 64ft-lb @ 6,600 rpm
POWER 95bhp (70kW) @ 8,000 rpm
FUEL CONSUMPTION 56mpg / 4.2/100km
TRANSMISSION ConstantMesh; 6speed
FRONT SUSPENSION WP APEX 43 mm front forks, 200mm travel
REAR SUSPENSION WP APEX rear shock, 200mm travel
FRONT BREAKS 320mm discs, 2x radially mounted 4 piston caliper
REAR BREAK 260mm disc, 2 piston floating caliper
TYRES (FRONT - REAR) 90/90-21 - 150/70-18
WHEELBASE 1509mm (59")
TANK RANGE 293 miles / 470km
WET WEIGHT 199 kg (438 lb)

KTM 790 Adventure vs Yamaha Tenere 700

When considering the KTM 790 Adventure and the Yamaha Tenere 700, two leading contenders in the mid-weight adventure motorcycle segment, their differences are as distinct as their approaches to adventure riding. The KTM 790 Adventure is a technological powerhouse, boasting a suite of electronic aids such as Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC), Cornering ABS, an advanced TFT display for connectivity, and an off-road ABS mode tailored for the trail. Its 799cc parallel-twin engine is fine-tuned for both on-road efficiency and off-road prowess, supported by a sophisticated suspension system for unmatched comfort and handling. In contrast, the Yamaha Tenere 700 opts for simplicity and reliability, with its 689cc parallel-twin engine providing a robust mid-range torque. The Tenere 700's less complex setup, focusing on a mechanical riding experience without the extensive electronic aids found on the KTM, appeals to riders who value straightforwardness and durability, especially in off-road conditions.

Comfort and ergonomics further differentiate these two models. The KTM 790 Adventure is designed with long-distance rides in mind, featuring an adjustable windshield, a plush seat, and an ergonomic layout that ensures rider comfort across various terrains. Its high-end suspension offers a smooth ride, whether cruising highways or navigating rugged trails. Meanwhile, the Yamaha Tenere 700, with its agile profile and emphasis on off-road capability, provides a comfortable stance for standing riding and a balanced frame that excels in off-road scenarios. While it might not match the KTM in terms of long-distance luxuries, its simplicity and robustness are its strengths, offering a compelling option for adventurers.

Pricing plays a crucial role in the decision-making process for potential buyers. The KTM 790 Adventure commands a higher price point, justified by its advanced technology, superior comfort, and enhanced performance features. This premium segment positioning reflects its appeal to those seeking a high-spec adventure motorcycle equipped for both the journey and the destination.


The KTM 790 Adventure stands as a testament to the Austrian manufacturer's commitment to delivering a motorcycle that is as versatile as it is exhilarating. Engineered with the spirit of adventure at its core, it merges cutting-edge technology, robust performance, and rider-focused ergonomics into a package that appeals to both the hardcore off-road enthusiast and the long-distance tourer. Its suite of electronic rider aids, such as Motorcycle Traction Control, ABS, and an advanced suspension system, ensures a ride that's both secure and thrilling, across any terrain. While it may come with a premium price tag, the value it offers through its high-level specifications, performance, and the sheer joy of riding is undeniable.

However, like any adventure, the journey with the KTM 790 Adventure may come with its challenges, including the occasional technical hiccup or the need for personalization to meet the rider's exact needs. Yet, these are but minor obstacles in the grand adventure that owning such a bike promises. With its proactive approach to addressing any issues and a community of riders always ready to share advice and solutions, KTM ensures that the adventure never ends prematurely. Whether it's conquering rugged landscapes, exploring distant horizons, or simply enjoying the purity of riding on the open road, the KTM 790 Adventure embodies the spirit of adventure, making every ride an exhilarating chapter in the endless story of exploration.

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